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I believe seeking psychotherapy and other forms of healing work is a life-affirming step; to risk delving deeply into one’s issues, patterns and actions in such work is life-saving. It has been for me, and I humbly wish to help others in this way. I have found depth psychology offers a rich if challenging path toward greater engagement in life. The astounding value of our imperfections, of all things, to guide us; the wisdom in dreams and myths; the power of the unconscious to project our unwanted or unlived parts on others; these insights by Carl Jung and many others are not only important for the evolution of humanity, but I feel can bring profound healing for any of us.


I have also found that the path to personal insight and growth does not necessarily involve talk. Expressive arts – such as using clay or paints, making or listening to music, moving your body in mime or dance – can connect us to a deep place that may otherwise be unreachable. The arts in therapy as I use them are about discovery, not mastery, as in the Rumi poem: “Out beyond the idea of wrong doing and right doing there is a field—I’ll meet you there.” The astonishing truth about trying to be a better or wiser person is that we already have everything we need. As a wonderful friend of mine said in a workshop years ago, “I’m the one I’ve been waiting for.” Psychotherapy can provide a safe, supportive container for exploring who we are and what we can achieve.


Working with a psychotherapist is not for everyone, nor is it the only path to healing or understanding. But I have found that this is also true: There is only way to find out if something works, and that is trying it out. Along these same lines, I think it is crucial for a therapist to not take a dogmatic approach to healing, and instead consider a broad array of tools in order to assist a client. My depth psychology orientation does not dictate how I may work with someone in need. There is value in every therapeutic modality I have experienced, and will humbly do whatever I can to help someone who chooses to work with me.

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