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Writing is one of my great joys, and a mode for artistic expression. One of the kinds of writing I like to do is personal reflection. Here are seven such essays I have written for the Chico News & Review:

"A Summer in Maiduguri" Oct. 2, 2014


"Reflecting on Gold Fever" Aug. 20, 2015


"What Makes Men Lethal"  Nov. 16, 2017


"We're Not Crazy" March 20, 2019


"Coping With Dread"  Jan. 23, 2020

"On Pain, Courage and Moving Forward"  Feb. 11, 2021

"Our Elders Need Us"  Nov. 4, 2021


This is the story of my experience in the 1980s writing about my paternal grandfather using the digital storytelling method:


"Me and Dank" Nov. 14, 2016


I also love writing fiction. This collection of short stories explores themes of loss and renewal, and includes an introduction about how they came into being:


Fables That Found Me: Tales of Torment and Healing From Soul (or Some Other Place)


The contents of the book can be read here.

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